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This was just the last year and was one of the weekly binge. We had just returned from the pub and me and my friend R made ​​its way back, sexmummy stumbling ever, we had the last F1, where Hamilton was able to get his title was taken was gone, but we boos from the tv and lead a discussion about whether alcohol might retire Hamilton driven to increase, until he said : 'I bet you do not' and R says ur a fool, and I insisted: 'I bet au ! ' says R, said, ' r wa is sexmummy ur game ' and I said ' he's not going to win, name, or the opportunities,' R ', if your so sure, I give u £ 50 if he wins, or you can suck my dick if you get, as I expected ! 'I sexmummy called my permission, get fed up ready for my portfolio. However, as is the case, Hamilton won, and he rose from his chair, screams and shouts at me, which began its passage in a gesture of victory, in an instant was his half thick, grabbed my head and said suck! suck! pushed right against my mouth andexclaimed, ' You bet hell ' and then in a drunken lack of concentration, I went to protest, to open his mouth inhis cock was huge! I took his bell in my mouth and pinched my head trying to stop its swelling, he grabbed my face and sexmummy gagged, he was pushing in the middle, but he was fucking my face so hard. His cock was huge and was so wet my saliva hanging from his throbbing cock. R and then said, 'Turn the fuck around,' I turned around and he dropped his pants and underwear, I fell on the couch and sat on my finger the ass, I was ecstatic, then, without warning , pulled my ass apart and spit on my crack, pushed his saliva on my anus with the tip of its eight ' cock, pushing his head his way and I felt my tight ass party. began to tighten it sexmummy until I felt that hug her pubic hair in my ass, began to pack his balls rhythmically and hit my ass, he called the bet on me, but I could barely hear, all you heard was the sound ofyou fucking ass. He turned and grabbed my mouth, then in my ass while I masturbate. Then he grabbed my head back and licked my cock and all his eggs I loved, I loved the presentation and will dominate. I devoured his balls a little more, until he turned and grabbed her ass again, he was doomed, until he said he was going to cum! I tried to pull away and sexmummy shouted 'No! Pulled the shoulders and came deep inside me was so hot. Then he turned to me again and took my cock, massaging my balls, and the crisis came to his face. Finished there and took another sip casually sucking sexmummy his huge cock for some time, he pushed my head and let me not, sexmummy I just watch TV, he said it was my punishment, I loved punished. When he arrived, I took the head and nose, until it is swallowed. what is known for one night, we have each other for a while, but you know what is simply not talk about it, I think, was the tension to resolve. n It was not until my secondTime, but I loved it, I like being pressured and dominated hope that the experience of my clients that I have, I really want to get tied up and fucked in the point total, please contact if u liked my story and want more ? or if you want to help me with my imagination : P cheers.
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